Reponsive image Corporate Officers

Ms. Rowena Romero-Chiba

Mr. Paulo Yoshio Iwata
Corporate Finance/Treasurer

Mr. Jeffrey Cabanday
Corporate Secretary

Reponsive image The Administration

Ms. Rowena Romero-Chiba

Mr. Paulo Yoshio Iwata
Manager, General Affairs and Operations

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Mr. Jeffrey Cabanday
Manager, Human Resource / Administration

Mr. Oliver Jacinto
Manager, Finance

Mission and Vision

JUH Corp. will be the leading solutions provider in the field of Telecommunications and Information Technology in the Philippines dedicated to making
the world a smaller place through technology. We provide expert service by employing a highly skilled customer service team, a competent marketing and
distribution team dedicated in pursuing self-reliance, productivity, and sustainability, a reliable system monitoring team capable of solving and isolating
technical problems for the entire organization, a dynamic development team able to adapt to rapid technological advancements, and a professional
management team able to lead the organization towards its vision.

  • We are committed to the highest degree of integrity and responsibility, recognizing our role as being an integral part of a bigger system.
  • We are dedicated to giving our best efforts day in and day out, knowing that what we do greatly affects what we are as an organization and who we are as persons.
  • We value our employees for they are our assets, providing a shared responsibility toward fulfilling our mission.
  • We value our customers for they are instruments through which we finally reach our vision.

Core Values

Reponsive image Service-Oriented

We shall be a Service-oriented organization responding to customers’ needs and wants. This entails being Quality-Oriented and giving Excellent performance while supporting team members’ happiness.

Reponsive image Integrity

We shall conduct our business with Integrity requiring patience, discipline, honesty, diligence, and being responsible for all actions that enables the trust and confidence of our customers, employees, and all stakeholders, applying ethics and proper behavior.

Reponsive image Productive/Productivity

We shall encourage Productivity that shall result in cost-efficient and cost-effective services and products providing a fair return on management investments. Our employees will serve our customers competently and knowledgeably.

Reponsive image Teamwork

We shall have a passion for Teamwork to observe harmony and rapport in the company.

Reponsive image Innovative

We shall encourage Innovation, openness in communications, proactive endeavors that will make a difference and drive growth of the organization.

Reponsive image Commitment

We shall enrich commitment in the achievement of the company’s vision and mission.

Reponsive image Professionalism

We shall establish a high degree of Professionalism compelling each employee to be focused, accountable, confident, competent, motivated towards the company’s goal, with respect for hierarchy and humanity, less the emotion.

Reponsive image Respect

We shall manifest utmost Respect taking into consideration the feelings, needs, thoughts, ideas, wishes and preferences of our customers, employees and stakeholders. Also, giving respect to the natural environment is a priority.

*JUH Corporation was officially registered with the Security and Exchange of Commission (SEC) in March 16 2007.